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How Much Do Security Guards Make in Canada?

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining safety and security across various sectors in Canada. If you're considering a career in security work, one factor to consider is the compensation. While most entry-level security guard jobs offer a starting rate close to minimum wage, you will have ample opportunities to advance your career.

Security Guard Hourly Rate by Province

Here are the hourly rates of security guards across different provinces in Canada (updated April 2024)

Province Low ($/hour) Median ($/hour) High ($/hour)
Newfoundland and Labrador $15.60 $16.85 $25.00
Prince Edward Island $15.40 $16.00 $23.00
Nova Scotia $15.20 $15.20 $24.17
New Brunswick $15.30 $16.25 $23.00
Quebec $16.70 $19.00 $27.80
Ontario $16.55 $17.56 $28.85
Manitoba $15.30 $16.00 $25.50
Saskatchewan $14.00 $18.40 $26.00
Alberta $15.00 $18.82 $27.00
British Columbia $16.75 $20.00 $28.85
Northwest Territories $18.00 $20.84 $28.07
Nunavut $19.00 $22.00 $32.00

Are Security Guards in Demand in Canada?

Yes, security guards are in demand across Canada due to growing crime rates and the emphasis on safety and security in various industries such as retail, hospitality, healthcare, transportation, and construction.

Below are potential job prospects tabled by the Government of Canada for each province over the next three years. Measured from Undetermined to Very Good.

Province Job Prospects
Alberta Moderate
British Columba Good
Manitoba Moderate
New Brunswick Moderate
Newfoundland and Labrador Moderate
Northwest Territories Limited
Nova Scotia Good
Nunavut Moderate
Ontario Moderate
Prince Edward Island Moderate
Quebec Good
Saskatchewan Good
Yukon Territory Very Good

How Many Hours Do Security Guards Work in Canada?

The number of hours security guards work can vary based on factors such as the employer's requirements, industry norms, and, of course, your scheduling preferences.

If you plan to work full-time as a security guard, you will typically work 40 hours a week. However, some security guard jobs may require more than 40 hours per week, especially if they involve working at multiple locations or in a high-risk environment that requires around-the-clock surveillance.

Part-time hours are also available, making security guard work ideal for students and individuals with full-time responsibilities.

Are There Opportunities for Advancement?

Yes, there are ample opportunities for advancement within the security industry in Canada. Security guards can progress to supervisory or managerial roles with additional training, experience, and certifications. 

Specialized areas such as cybersecurity, event security, and executive protection offer avenues for career growth. These roles can offer more pay and benefits. Moreover, your experience as a security guard can open doors to related positions within the security sector, such as police enforcement.

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