Fire Alarm Training Bundle

This pathway includes level 1 and level 2 fire alarm training. Get to know the fundamentals of fire alarms with our introductory course and expand your knowledge with our advanced course.

Once you complete our certified fire alarm training you will:
  • Understand the theory and history of fire alarm systems
  • Be able to recognize different types of alarm systems
  • Be familiar with industry terms
  • Understand basic programming
  • Have practical experience troubleshooting
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Fire Alarm Training

Get the full package with our complete collection of fire alarm training bundle.

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Close up of a wall with a fire alarm panel, gauges, control valves and other devices
Are you interested in electrical systems, fire safety, or fire fighting? There is a growing need for certified fire alarm technicians and inspectors. Our keystone academy training is beginner friendly and will teach you the fundamental skills you need to kickstart your education. Additionally our academy instructors will help you connect industry experts in the field.

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After you complete our fire alarm training we will give you priority consideration for our available positions. If you are interested in joining our team check out our careers page for a list of available positions or speak with a training coordinator today!
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All prices include tax