Apr 18 / Kennedy Kao

How To Renew Your Ontario Security Guard Licence

Close up of a fake security guard license from Private Security & Investigative Services
Did you know that security licences eventually expire? All Ontario security licences expire exactly two years after being issued, and no, you can’t work without one. In this quick insight, we’ll go over how to renew your Ontario security guard licence (the process is fairly simple). 

Renew Your License By Mail or Online

Head over to the Service Ontario website and you can renew your licence relatively quickly. Sign in with your ONe-key ID to fill out the necessary information. You can check the status of your renewal after two business days.

Renewing your licence is always faster online, although you can mail Service Ontario to request a new licence. According to Service Ontario, your renewal application can take up to 30 business days for approval if you choose the mailing option.

Prepare Your Credentials

To renew your Ontario security guard licence, you will need the following:

  • Your Ontario Testing Completion Number (TCN) 
  • Two (2) pieces of valid (non-expired) identification
  • Completed declaration of any convictions and outstanding charges

After signing in with your ONe-key ID, you will have to provide and upload the above information. Make sure you have the right materials to ensure your application is submitted correctly.

Renew Your Licence 30 Days Before Expiration

Flex Point Security recommends starting the renewal process at least 30 days before your licence expires. This will give Service Ontario enough time to process your application and for you to obtain any unforeseen materials.

It costs $80 to renew an Ontario security licence, not including tax. You’ll receive a digital licence card which you can use immediately, and an original licence card in the mail within eight weeks.

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