Apr 27 / Kennedy Kao

How To Get First Aid and CPR Certified in Ontario

First Aid and CPR training equipment placed on a chair and also next to it at Flex Point Academy's office in Etobicoke, Ontario
Getting your First Aid and CPR certificate is relatively easy. As a security guard, you must be First Aid and CPR certified, as you might respond to emergency medical situations while working.

While some security guard training courses include First Aid and CPR training in their program, some training providers might ask you to get First Aid and CPR certified elsewhere. In this brief insight, we’ll go over how to get your Ontario First Aid and CPR certification in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Sign Up for the Right Certification

It’s important to know that not all certifications are the same. For instance, there is CPR Level A, which teaches basic CPR on people ages 12+ only, and CPR Level B, which teaches how to perform CPR on babies and infants (ages 0-12). 

First Aid and CPR Level C is what all security guards must sign up for. To obtain a security licence, all aspiring security guards must be certified in CPR Level C. If you’d like to strengthen your credentials, you can sign up for CPR Level BLS (formerly CPR Level HCP), which covers information healthcare practitioners must have. While not mandatory, having a higher certification can look good on your resume and boost your chances of getting hired.

Step 2: Look For an In-Person or Online Class

After knowing which certification you’d like to receive, you must find a provider that offers the requisite training. There are online, in-person and hybrid certification courses you can sign up for. Many colleges, community centres, and hospitals provide training, as well as local First Aid and CPR training centres.

It's important to know that, when signing up for your 40-hour Ontario Security Guard training course, First Aid and CPR training principals won't necessarily be covered. While First Aid and CPR may briefly be talked about during your training course, you should find a separate service that offers the requisite CPR training. 

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Step 3: Pass any Required Testing or Exam

At the end of your course, you will have to pass some version of an assessment, whether through multiple quizzes or a final exam. The format of the evaluation will depend on your service provider. Some tests may only be written, while others may require an in-person demonstration of CPR.
Take all assessments seriously and apply the knowledge you’ve learned from the course. You will receive your First Aid and CPR certification if you pass.

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