May 2 / Kennedy Kao

How Should a Security Guard Communicate a Major Incident?

A male Flex Point Security guard at an event using a walkie talkie to communicate with other guards about a major incident
Effective communication is critical to a security guard, especially when reporting a major incident. In Ontario, security guards must follow specific protocols and guidelines to ensure that incidents are reported accurately and promptly. Here are some tips on how an Ontario security guard should communicate a major incident.

Remain Calm and Professional

The first step is to remain calm and professional. You should take a deep breath, assess the situation, and gather as much information as possible before contacting your supervisor or emergency services. Remaining calm and professional helps ensure the incident is reported accurately and on time. Remaining calm is important when there are distressed people around you. By offering a steady presence, you will provide comfort to the people who need it. 

Report the Incident Immediately and Accurately 

After taking a deep breath, you must report the incident immediately. Security guards should contact their supervisor or emergency services as soon as possible to report the incident. They should provide a detailed description of what happened, including any injuries or damage that may have occurred.

It’s also crucial to provide accurate and relevant information. This includes the location of the incident, the type of incident that occurred, and any other details that may be useful. Security guards should avoid speculating or providing information that they are unsure of.

Use Clear and Concise Language

Security guards should use clear and concise language when reporting a major incident. This ensures the information is easily understood and the appropriate response is given. Security guards should avoid jargon or technical terms unfamiliar to their supervisor or emergency services.

Follow Up and Provide Additional Information

Once the initial report has been made, security guards should follow up and provide any additional information that might be necessary. This includes providing updates on the status of the incident, providing more details, and answering any questions that may arise. Security guards can help resolve the incident by providing ongoing communication as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Ontario Security Guards Must Learn Effective Communication Skills 

In conclusion, effective communication is essential when reporting a major incident. Ontario security guards can help ensure incidents are resolved quickly and effectively by following these guidelines.

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