Apr 3 / Kennedy Kao

Getting a Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check in Ontario

Did you know that as of February 2024, you need to get a criminal record and judicial matters check (CRJMC) to obtain your security guard licence? What was once a formality has now become mandatory documentation for aspiring Ontario security guards.

Security guards play a crucial role in safeguarding people, property, and assets, making it reasonable for the Ministry of Ontario to thoroughly vet people’s backgrounds before approving their licences. If you're a security guard in Ontario, here's a tailored guide to acquiring your CRJMC.

What is a CRJMC?

A Criminal Record and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) is a process used by police authorities to examine an individual's criminal history and any ongoing legal matters. It typically involves searching databases for records of arrests, convictions, and warrants. This is different from obtaining a regular criminal background check, which only reviews past criminal records.

You Must Get Your CRJMC from the Police

The Ministry requires that your CRJMC be conducted exclusively through a police service, prohibiting the involvement of third-party providers. In Ontario, individuals can acquire CRJMCs from a Municipal police service, First Nations police service, or the Ontario Provincial Police.

Filling Out and Submitting Your CRJMC

To obtain a CRJMC, you will need to provide the following: 

  • Identification: Valid identification must be provided (i.e. driver’s licence, provincial photo card, passport)
  • Supporting Identification: Documents that support the information provided by the primary ID  (i.e. birth certificate, SIN card)
  • Consent: Explicit consent is necessary for information release
  • Fingerprint Identification: You may visit the police and provide fingerprints if they cannot verify your identification

It is recommended to fill out your application through your local police’s online platform. You can pay using debit or credit. It is recommended by the Ministry for applicants to apply for their CRJMC six months in advance before submitting their security licence application.

You can pick up your CRJMC at the police service where you submitted your application.

How Much Does a CRJMC Cost?

Here is a chart that outlines what each district charges and how long it would take to process your application. Prices and processing times are accurate as of April 4th, 2024, please confirm this information in the links provided below as it is subject to change.

District Price Processing Time Website
Toronto $26.72 7-10 business days TPS Police Record Checks
Peel $35 5 weeks Peel Police Record Checks
York $71 2-5 business days York Regional Police CRJMC
Ottawa $71 7-10 business days Ottawa Police Record Checks
Durham $57.75 21 days Durham Police Record Checks
Waterloo $40 7-10 business days Waterloo Regional Police Background Checks
Halton $30 30 days Halton Police Record Checks
Hamilton $50 14 days Hamilton Police Record Checks
Niagra $59.95 6 weeks Niagra Police Background Checks
Kingston $40 - Kingston Police Background Check
North Bay $41.85 5 weeks North Bay Police Record Checks
Greater Sudbury $42 - Greater Sudbury Police Record Checks
Brantford $65.19 14 days Brantford Police Record Checks
Thunder Bay $60 - Thunder Bay Police CRJMC
London $45 14 days London Police Record Checks
Guelph $45 21 days Guelph Police Records and Background Checks
Sault St. Marie $49.95 14 days Sault St. Marie Police Record Check
Peterborough $45 - Peterborough Police Record Checks
Windsor $55 - Windsor Police Record Checks
Barrie $53.29 21 days Barrie Police Services Records
Sarnia $51.95 14 business days Sarnia Police Record Check
Owen Sound $50 - Owen Sound Police Record Checks
Chatham-Kent $49.95 10 business days Chatham-Kent Police Record Checks

Other Tips

  • When requesting your police check, make sure to choose the "Employment" option
  • For “Reason for the Police Record Check” make sure to put “Private Security and Investigative Services Branch”
  • While waiting, it's essential to remain patient and refrain from contacting the police unless necessary, as this may impede the processing of your application.

When applying for your security guard licence, you will also need your Training Completion Number (TCN) which you can get by completing your security guard training via Flex Point Academy.