Feb 2 / Kennedy Kao

5 Must-Have Items for Security Guards

A male Flex Point Security guard smiling as he stands outside of a client's site next to a door and yellow pole
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As a security guard, your success relies not only on your training and instincts but also on the tools you carry. In this insight, we will explore five must-have items that should find a permanent place in every security guard's arsenal.

1. Pens

The ability to quickly jot down notes, observations, or incident details is crucial for maintaining accurate records and aiding in potential investigations. Equip yourself with durable, waterproof pens that can withstand the unpredictable elements you may face during your patrols. Having a reliable pen on hand ensures you can document essential information in real time, enhancing the overall efficiency and professionalism of your security operations. Note: black and blue pens are the standard colour to use when writing reports.

2. Notepad

A pocket-sized notepad will serve as your canvas, allowing you to record observations, incidents, and necessary contact information. While your company will most likely provide you with one, it does not hurt to have backups. When looking for notepads to purchase, look for ones that are tear-resistant and have weatherproof pages. With a notepad at your disposal, you can easily refer back to previous entries, maintain a log of activities, and provide accurate and detailed information when necessary.

3. High-Quality Safety Boots 

The foundation of a strong security presence starts from the ground up. Security guards are often on their feet for extended periods of time, patrolling diverse terrains and standing in one area for what can feel like an eternity. Investing in high-quality safety boots is not just a matter of comfort but a critical aspect of ensuring you avoid having knee, ankle and foot injuries. We recommend looking for Canadian Standards Association (CSA) approved boots as they are the standard in providing effective footwear in North America.

4. Flashlight

At night, it’s recommended that security guards carry a small flashlight with them. Opt for a high-quality, rechargeable flashlight with adjustable brightness settings and a robust construction. A powerful flashlight not only enhances your visibility during nighttime patrols but can also serve as a valuable self-defence tool, disorienting and deterring potential intruders. Ensure your flashlight is always fully charged and within easy reach, ready to shed light on any situation.

5. Gloves

While often overlooked, gloves are a vital addition to a security guard's toolkit. Your hands are your most valuable tools, and protecting them is paramount. You can never know what someone may ask you to hold, or what threat may come up that would require your hands. Invest in a pair of high-quality, durable gloves that offer both protection and comfort.

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Stay equipped, stay vigilant, and continue to uphold the standards of excellence in the dynamic field of security.